M System

Light roller conveyors

  • These conveyors are designed for light and medium use.
  • The conveyors are fitted with steel rollers 200 or 280 mm wide.
  • Individual modules are 1.5 and 3 m long and allow for selection of an optimum length.
  • Adjustable leg height ranges from 875 to 915 mm.
  • There are necessary connecting and interconnecting pieces available allowing installation to whole range of machines.
roller width number of legs number of rollers roller diameter total length [mm] load-carrying capacity [kg/1m]
M 200 / 1,5m 200 1 6 50 1500 200
M 280 / 1,5m 280 1 6 50 1500 200
M 200 / 3m 200 2 12 50 3000 200
M 280 / 3m 280 2 12 50 3000 200

Accessories for conveyors of the M System

MA – metal sheet cover between individual rollers

Prevents short workpieces from falling through.

MB – vertical idle rollers

Enables precise guiding of the material into the vice and prevents the material from falling off of the conveyor.

MR 280 – Height-adjustable leg with roller

  • Adjus adjustable leg height ranging from 800 mm to 1019 mm.
  • MR 280 is designed for light use.
  • Load-carrying capacity is 45 kg.


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