Log band saws

Log band saws PILOUS represent the leading edge in the world among log band saw manufacturers, regarding the extraordinary quality and reliability of the machines, as well as the wide product range and overall number of machines produced. Our band saws for wood cutting represent the best selling brand in many countries of Western and Eastern Europe. Long term experience has tested the machines in the most extreme conditions and proved their reliably in -40°C in Siberia or, by contrast, in high temperatures and humidity in the jungles of Africa, Asia or South America.

CTR series present the latest trends in construction of log saw bands with a special emphasis on maximum accuracy and long-term service life of the machine while ensuring minimum costs.
All log band saws are distinguished by their extraordinary robust construction and smart technological solutions. They make use of top-quality, specially balanced engine drives of the saw blades, professional drives and gearboxes from renowned European manufacturers, as well as electronic parts or hydraulic accessories.

The log band saws are designed in an original modular execution, which allows easy replacement or adjustment of all main technical sections and their individual parts. This in the long-term perspective reduces the maintenance costs and service times and therefore production stoppages as well.Our original modular system allows additional installation of necessary equipment at any time, because all basic versions of machines include all necessary fitting spots. There is a wide range of accessories to all of these machines; they simplify and accelerate machine operation and influence its production.

Our wide production program of band saws for wood cutting is divided into the following main categories: manual log band saws, power log band saws, hydraulic log band saws, circular saws.

We hope that you will also become our satisfied customers.

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