Designed for easy transport of the machine to the sawing location. The universal stable trailer solution allows installation of the following models of log band saws:

• with an electric motor: CTR 550, 550 E, 750, 750 E, 750 EV

• with a Honda gasoline engine: CTR 550 GX, 750 GX

Compared to the standard version, the mobile versions of band saws differ only in the geometry of the controls, ergonomically adapted to the height of the trailer. The trailer is equipped with travel sections of the same structure as on the stationary versions, including material clamps and tilting plates.

In addition, it is fitted with six robust, infinitely adjustable support legs. These ensure stability both when loading and handling the log and during the sawing itself.

Easy loading of the log onto the loading area of the machine using a manual winch and a path for log rolling. (accessory)

The trailer is homologated, including travel sections, material clamps and tilting plates.

When applying for a new MOT test certificate, it is necessary to remove the travel bridge with the saw band arm. Easy disassembly and reassembly.

The trailer is single-axle and non-braked. The delivery also includes a waterproof tarpaulin, protecting the bridge with the saw band arm from rain during transport or parking. For secure fastening, the tarpaulin is fitted with grommets and a steel cable with ends allowing the use of a padlock.

The maximum permissible speed is 130 km/h.

Weights of different types of band saws, including the trailer weight:

CTR 550 mobil – 550 kg

CTR 550 E mobil – 585 kg

CTR 550 GX mobil – 587 kg

CTR 750 mobil – 651 kg

CTR 750 E mobil – 686 kg

CTR 750 EV mobil – 689 kg

CTR 750 GX mobil – 661 kg

The weight of the trailer itself (operating weight) is 385 kg (CTR 550) and 396 kg (CTR 750).

Check your vehicle’s registration card for the maximum permissible trailer weight!