• The original saw blades PILOUS MAXwood are available in a variety of types which enables you to process any kind of wood.
  • The wide product range not only offers more affordable saw blades for low-volume cutting, but includes also saw blades for fully professional cutting and utmost performance.
  • The foundation of all saw blades are top-quality German materials and precise workmanship. The quality of the saw blades is carefully monitored. All saw blades correspond to the strict ISO 9001 norm.
  • We have added to our portfolio also an original Munkfors saw blade made by the world`s leading manufacturer Uddeholm from Sweden.
  • Pilous saw blades are used in dozens of countries around the world. Any wood you cut, the company Pilous will recommend you a saw blade that will fit your needs.


Saw blade with tool steel teeth - completely eliminates the need to sharpen the saw blade as well as frequent blade replacement. Use: soft, hard to extremely hard wood.


Bearing blade


Saw blade with teeth made of Stellite. Tooth setting is completely unnecessary. Use: soft, hard to extremely hard wood.

Carbon spring steel

The most common saw blade for optimum price/performance ratio. Use: soft and hard wood.

Be careful when unpacking welded saw blades. They are in a shipping container in tensioned condition. Remove the saw blade cover only after fitting it onto the machine.

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