Transportadores de troncos

Log conveyors are used for fast, comfortable and particularly safe round log handling up to a weight of 1 100 kg / 1 m. These conveyors are designed as part of the XMK 1000 line. It is therefore possible to connect them in a modular way, to supplement them with log manipulators and thus universally solve the needs of almost every customer. By incorporating them into the XMK handling line, they significantly increase the productivity of the entire operation.

The horizontal movement of the logs is carried out by means of conical rollers, which are independently controlled by hydraulic motors through chains. The specific shape of the conveyor rollers makes it easier to transport curved and knotted logs. The conveyors are easily controlled from a separate control panel by pressing the buttons (see accessories). The control of individual components of the line can be combined into a larger control panel according to the customer’s requirements. The conveyors do not have their own drive (hydraulic unit) to control horizontal movement. It is necessary to reorder (see accessories) or connect to another unit of the XMK line.

DKP Log conveyor

The DKP log conveyor is the basic conveyor of the input part of the line

DKZ Log conveyor

The driven DKZ conveyor allows continuous transition of logs through the MPO log loader.


ZBB Log stop

BHB Log conveyor drive

Control panel

Technical specification