KPO 520 NC Gauging System

  • Ideal for the loading and measuring of longer beams and profiles.
  • The machine should be complemented with driven conveyors before cutting, in order to guarantee an ideal conveyance path of the material to the required length.
  • After pressing a single button, the material is automatically conveyed to the required length, the stop moves away of the material and is set to its starting position.
  • The movable stop system is automatically tiltable to prevent material jamming and possible saw band damage.
  • The desired length is set via the touch screen on an independent control panel.
  • From the control panel, material movement can be controlled independently on both the loading and unloading roller tracks by switching over the respective control. Alternatively, material movement can be controlled on both the loading and unloading sides simultaneously.
  • Massive system with a robust stop body, guided by precise rack and pinion guide system, ensures stop travel accuracy and long service life.