DO-NC Gauging device

  • Automated NC Gauging device is designed for measuring profile materials and light solid materials of small diameters.
  • The base comprises of D roller conveyor, with attached quality industrial linear axle. 
  • Servo motor ensures high speed and measuring accuracy of 0,1 mm.
  • Backstop trolley moves along linear guiding system.
  • User´s friendly device control is done via large HI-RES colour touch screen.
  • Capability of storing frequently used length in memory, ability of backstop to jump aside off the material before cutting.
  • Intelligent gauging device with NC control enables the backstop to jump aside and back to set position when the material hits the backstop extensively (when overloaded).
  • It serves as an ideal device to accompany our semiautomatic bandsaw machines Pilous ARG 235 - ARG 300.

measured length [mm] total length [mm]
DO-NC 3m 2400 3000
DO-NC 4m 3400 4000
DO-NC 7m 6400 7000

(The package includes backstop system with Automated NC Gauging, feeding system of appropriate length, control panel, conveyor)