• New videos for 2019

    New videos for 2019

    25. 03. 2019

    We have just finished the first video series of our machines. We would like to present by this form 10 bandsaw machines this year. We are going to add videos periodically on our website to our machines just beside folder Accessories. First made videos present ARG 300 plus H.F. and our innovated model of this year ARG 260 PLUS S.A.F.

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  • PF 2019

    PF 2019

    14. 12. 2018

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    02. 08. 2018

    The X-Cut saw band was developed based on customer requirements for woodworking and sawing on band saws. The X-Cut saw band quality can be found between Maxwood Bimetal and Maxwood Stelit saw bands. An innovative combination of hardened spread-set teeth and stellite eliminates practically the complicated act of spread-setting the saw teeth (tooth setting). The regeneration of the saw band is very effective, the teeth are only re-sharpened. Other unquestionable advantages of this new type of saw band include higher cutting times, exceeding the usual two hours, cutting...

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  • FINALISTA 2018

    FINALISTA 2018

    25. 06. 2018

    Our company has taken 6th place in survey CZECH LEADER AWARD 2018 for South Moravia region!

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    25. 05. 2018

    A very successful fair in Belgrade comes to an end. Our new machine ARG 235 PLUS and fully automatic ARG 250 CF-NC excited most interest of the participants. Company which has been presented our machines is our new dealer company PROFICUT.

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    24. 05. 2018

    Metalloobrabotka is a major international show for the machine tool and metalworking industry with over 30 years of history. Every year we participate on this fair with very good success. There is no bigger metalworking trade fair in Russia. Due to the new design of our stand and amount of presented machines this year, we counted more visitors of our stand than in previous years.

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  • Konepaja-messut 2018

    Konepaja-messut 2018

    21. 03. 2018

    The Konepaja-messut 2018 Fair is nowadays taking place in Tampere - the second largest city of Finland. Our representative at this fair is company Maketek Oy, which has introduced our new metal band saw ARG 235 Plus as first Pilous-partner in this year. This saw band gains here in Northern Europe at least the same credit as its predecessor. The feedback from visitors and our distributors is so far very positive.

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  • ARG 235 PLUS

    ARG 235 PLUS

    01. 03. 2018

    The last piece of popular ARG 220 PLUS has been already sold. We prepared for our customers new model ARG 235 PLUS! Please check details of our new models on our web sites BANDSAWS FOR METAL - Gravitation

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  • Metalex Bangkok

    Metalex Bangkok

    22. 11. 2017

    The International Engineering Fair Metalex Bangkok

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  • Pilous videos

    Pilous videos

    14. 11. 2016

    Check our youtube channel for more cutting show.

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