• Innovation 2022 - possibility to use pre-cutter
  • You can also find the videos for specific bandsaws in the folder "Videos".
  • Mobile log band saw for easy transport to the sawing place.
  • ARG 300 Plus F a complete range of ARG 300 with an entirely new arm.
  • Best selling CNC machine in a two-column design.
  • Professional power.
  • Maximum performance in industrial cutting.
  • Now everybody can cut.
  • Electronic setting of the cutting height.
  • Innovative series CTR 800.
  • Best selling professional saw for wood.
  • For the processing of large trunks.
  • Stainless steel • Titanium and special bronze • Nickel alloys • Tough and hard materials up to 1700N (breaking strain)
  • Uncompromising quality widest choice.
  • Uncompromising quality widest choice.


07. 05. 2024

Pilous Bandsaw Machines Shine at Kazakhstan Machinery Fair 2024!

We are thrilled to share with you the highlights of our successful participation in the Kazakhstan Machinery Fair 2024 that...

10. 04. 2024

Silva Regina 2024

Embrace the beautiful weather and join us at the international forestry and hunting fair, Silva Regina 2024. For the final...

09. 04. 2024

Open day at Tos Mašine

This month, we were thrilled to host a joint event with our partners, Tos Mašine and Busatec. The aim of this event was...



The company PILOUS is the only company in the world that offers a complete production program in which you can find a wide range of bandsaws designed for metal cutting as well as sawmills for wood cutting.

With the portfolio of bandsaws for metal cutting as well as sawmills for wood cutting, the company PILOUS belongs among the biggest producers in the world, not only regarding the product range, but also regarding the production volume. Essential to the success and rapid development of the company PILOUS has been from the very beginning the maximum emphasis on the state-of-art construction, quality and sturdiness of the machines. The use of new technologies and methods, very robust construction of machines, design and quality assurance guarantees long-term service life of the machines and the saw blades, as well as maximum cutting accuracy.


The bandsaws for metal cutting as well as sawmills for log cutting represent the leading edge in the world and their structure design determines in many respects further development of global trends. The production program of bandsaws for metal cutting offers more than 40 machine types - manual bandsaws, gravity and semi-automatic bandsaws, and also fully automatic CNC machines. In our portfolio, you can find machine types with a swing arm of the saw blade and now newly also the 2-column type of bandsaws.

Sawmills for wood cutting are manufactured in more than 20 different designs. Our wide production program offers a comprehensive solution for log cutting from farmers to fully professional, large scale wood processing sites.  The range of products, production quality and innovation ranks PILOUS sawmills among the world leaders in this field.


For bandsaws for metal cutting, as well as sawmills designed for log cutting, we supply original professional saw blades: PILOUS MAXtech for metal cutting and PILOUS MAXwood for wood cutting. The MAXtech saw blades for metal cutting are manufactured according to the latest technology, using German materials of the highest quality and thus guaranteeing great productivity, cutting accuracy and utmost saw blade service life. The original saw blades PILOUS MAXwood are available in a variety of types which enables you to process any kind of wood. The wide product range not only offers more affordable saw blades for low-volume cutting, but includes also saw blades for fully professional cutting and utmost performance.

Wide range of roller conveyors and other special accessories, including deburring machines, are naturally also included in our portfolio.  Apart from the sales on the domestic market, about 80% of the PILOUS products are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. We hope that you will choose from the wide range of our products and join the tens of thousands of our satisfied customers. We wish you a GOOD CUT!

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