Cemented carbide


Made in the best German quality in cooperation with Uddeholmsrip Sawstell. Cemented Carbide, composed of Tungsten and Cobalt, is one of the hardest materials and one of the most wear-resistant tools. The tips of the teeth are made of welded carbide slices. Up to 70% more powerful than the Stelite blade. The sawmill blade is ready for immediate use.

To take full advantage of the features of this blade, it is necessary to have the machine in good condition. Any shortcomings of the machine will affect the life of the sawmill blade.

Advantages of belt with cemented carbides:

- Up to 30 m3 lumber/1 blade of standard size (4800mm)
- Constant kerf only 1.8 mm
- Very low roughness of the board surface
- Suitable for soft and hard wood, construction mat. plasterboard, cement boards
- Time of use on the machine up to 20 hours to exchange
- Achieving the highest possible cutting performance with a saw blade with a WM tooth shape

Tooth shape WM

Sawmill blade dimensions (mm) Tooth pitch (mm) Tooth face angle
width wall 22 25
35 0,9 10°