CNC Automatic

Swing-type automatic band saws with CNC control – the material is fed to the cut hydraulically or by means of an industrial servo drive. New autonomous control system and control panel. Material clamping and the movement of the band saw arm to/from the cut are controlled hydraulically. The foundation of the cutting accuracy and quality and of the long service life of the machine is the robust design of the saw arm and the individual parts, including the extra robust design of the feeding system and the machine base.

DYNAMIC - new series of smaller CNC automatic machines. Robust design with simple and clear control. Very precise material guidance into the cut using proportional equipment and a hydraulic cylinder with a measuring system.

CF – NC - series of CNC machines that has been manufactured and innovated for more than 20 years. Material feed to the cut using an industrial servo drive.

MASTER - new MASTER CNC automatic machines represent the latest trends in industrial high-capacity material splitting. Material feed to the cut using an industrial servo drive and a completely new proprietary operating control system.

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