PILOUS - the manufacturer of the professional band saw for metal and wood

PILOUS was established in 1994. In the same year the company placed the first metal-cutting band saw ARG 230 on the market. The machine was assembled by the owners themselves in a rented garage.

The machine was exhibited at the International Engineering Fair in Brno and presented a very modern concept.  That and a very reasonable price meant rapid growth of orders - therefore of the whole company.

The money earned from the first band saw sold covered the manufacture of 2 following machines and the subsequent profit allowed to make other 5 pieces, and so on.  Already in the following year the company produced several hundred machines including new types.

The number of machines manufactured grew with every subsequent year and new types were being rapidly developed. The total number of sold machines grew too.

The company currently offers about 40 types of metal-cutting band saws, ranging from small hand saws to highly industrial CNC machines. Today the production is at several thousand machines a year.

In 1997 PILOUS added wood processing machines into its production, log band saws.

The first log band saw was placed on the market and has been a tremendous success thanks to its progressive construction. Since then the production of wood-processing band saws has gone through a very rapid development as well. Today the broad production range of log band saws ranks among the world leaders in both the quality and the number of manufactured types and total production.

Since the beginning the success and rapid ongoing development of PILOUS has been made possible by maximum emphasis on the state-of-art construction and quality of machines.  The use of new technologies and methods, very robust construction of machines and design and quality assurance ensure long-term service life and cutting accuracy. The current construction of metal band saws and log band saws presents the highest standard in the world and in many ways defines the trends of further development in the field.

The company provides a wide range of top-quality saw bands and many accessories to both metal and wood cutting saw bands.

Apart from the domestic sales, about 90% of PILOUS products are exported into more than 70 countries in all continents. Metal-cutting PILOUS band saws are used also in the NASA or Baikonur space centres, nuclear power plant Dukovany, manufacturing plants of ROLEX watches or on overseas ships.

Apart from demanding markets in Europe the log saw bands work reliably even in the harsh frost of Siberia or in forests in Africa, South America or Asia.

We hope that you will choose from the wide range of our products and join the tens of thousands of our satisfied customers.

We wish you a GOOD CUT!