CNC Automatic

Swing-type automatic bandsaws with CNC control – the feed of the material into the cut is carried out hydraulically or by means of an industrial servo drive with a new control system and control panel. Material clamping and the movement of the arm of the saw blade into the cut and back are controlled hydraulically. The basis for the precision and quality of the cut and the long service life of the machine is the robust design of the saw arm and individual parts, including the particularly robust construction of the feeding system and the machine base.

DYNAMIC - a basic yet massive range of CNC machines with simple and clear controls. Proportionally controlled, hydraulically actuated feed of material into the cut and new control system.

CF - NC - the latest generation of more than 20 years of production of a series of CNC automatic machines with material feed into the cut using an industrial servo drive.

MASTER - The new MASTER CNC machines represent the latest trends in industrial, high-capacity material cutting. Feeding material into the cut using an industrial servo drive and a completely new own control operating system.