02. 02. 2021

Last year we made a step forward with bandsaw machine development. We keep you informed about new machines and equipment on our websites and Facebook    .
Currently we have started to sell new bandsaw machines Pilous ARG 300 PLUS E (.F.) and ARG 300 PLUS E.H. (.F.). It differs from bandsaw ARG 300 plus by the vice concept. This version enables the double-sided continuous setting of cutting angles within the range of 60° right and 45° left as well. Two cutting speeds, 40 and 80 m/min alternatively 15-90 m/min - version with frequency invertor. Saw blade 27×0,9 mm. More information about these types of bandsaws you can get by clicking on following types:

ARG 300 PLUS E ,  ARG 300 PLUS E.H.



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