02. 08. 2018

The X-Cut saw band was developed based on customer requirements for woodworking and sawing on band saws. The X-Cut saw band quality can be found between Maxwood Bimetal and Maxwood Stelit saw bands. An innovative combination of hardened spread-set teeth and stellite eliminates practically the complicated act of spread-setting the saw teeth (tooth setting). The regeneration of the saw band is very effective, the teeth are only re-sharpened. Other unquestionable advantages of this new type of saw band include higher cutting times, exceeding the usual two hours, cutting surface quality and, last but not at least, excellent performance-price ratio. This is the optimal saw band for both soft and hardwood, available in a width of 35 to 60 mm.

X-Cut saw band: our customers´ opinions

Partner from Slovakia: “We are very satisfied with the X-Cut saw bands because of, in particular, a smoother cutting surface, which is a real improvement in quality. This unique blade service life justifies the higher price of X-Cut saw band and has, in any case, an economic benefit to our production.”

Partner from Germany: “My impression of the X-Cut saw band is that this type of saw band is one of the most powerful saw bands I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Especially, the high dimensional precision of hardwoods such as hard, dry spruce wood amazed me. The service life is excellent, up to four hours without losing quality.”

Partner from Austria: "The saw band has a much longer service life. On average, it is by 1/3 higher than the saw bands with hardened tooth used so far. The stellite tooth takes over the main cutting power. The excellent quality of the cut surface.”

Partner from Poland: "Thanks to the X-Cut saw band, we achieve faster saw band feed into the cut with less effort. A big advantage consists in saving time. On average, we have a double service life as compared with previous band saws. The spread-setting of teeth is not required, when sharpening (grinding)."

Partners from the Czech Republic: "We are very satisfied with the X-Cut saw bands because of, in particular, a smoother cutting surface, which is a real improvement in quality. The good quality of the cut surface in connection with a very good service life justifies the higher price of the X-Cut saw band and has an economic benefit to our production as compared with conventional saw bands.“

“Positive results became evident just during the first cuts of frozen wood. Tests have shown us that the properties of the saw band are the same even after 8-10 installations on the machine. The X-cut saw bands are characterized by their high service life and excellent cutting quality."

"The initial mistrust in using this type of band convinced me soon of the contrary. I am cutting dry spruce, acacia and oak and everything has a straight cut. I have a saw band on the machine for up to three hours. A significant plus is that there is no need to spread-set the teeth. “ 

See for yourself the quality of the X-Cut saw band.

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